Benefit from the cooperation of the whole swarm

Birds of passage utilize the upwind generated by the bird flying in front of them. This way they save energy and benefit from the cooperation of the whole swarm.


The partnership between our forwarders and us is characterized by this concept as well. We offer you the possibility to efficiently deploy your resources and generate a multitude of benefits:


  • excellent customer contacts thanks to our many years of experience in the forwarding industry
  • high capacity and frequent orders generated by targeted market research
  • planning and deploying your resources efficiently by keeping your lorries busy all the time
  • receive latest information on freights available in your proximity
  • have your vehicles repaired at our partner repair shops
  • refuel your vehicles cash-free at wholesale prices at our partner petrol station
  • reload your freights using a crane or forklift

partnership at eye level


We consider ourselves a team and meet our partners on equal terms to shape an enduring partnership. To be in line with this principle, we guarantee fair conditions as well as a prompt and timely payment.


We create upwind. Together, we will reach any goal.