Partners : Zugvogel


Birds of passage use the updraft generated by the wing beats of the bird flying before them.

This helps them save energy and benefit from the cooperative power of a flock.


We apply this principle in our partnerships with our carriers. Our relationships with our partners are based on an equal footing aiming at long-standing cooperation. This offers them the opportunity to effectively deploy their resources and enjoy various benefits.


We generate uplift. Together, we reach our goals.


The future belongs to team builders and networkers, thus, we maintain existing partnerships and are open for new contacts. In our network, we act on the basis of quality values which not only secures our customers, but also makes you become a part of this network – for instance, as our driver. Whether in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, England, Russia or Italy.


Feel free to contact us if you want to become a part of our Zugvogel flock. We are looking forward to your initiative!


Proud Partners:


We combine energy and experience with the objective of establishing long-standing partnerships.
According to this principle, we promise to you


• Fair conditions as well as fast and timely payment of your transport service

• High capacity and constant order situation thanks to targeted market research

• Security and better predictability of your resources, as your vehicles will start their new route from their previous destination

• Up-to-date information on the availability of loads on your position

• Repair service of your vehicles performed in our partner garage.

• Cash-free refuelling at wholesale prices on our partner petrol station

• Availability of a crane and forklifts on our business premises to reload your cargo