Carriers : Zugvogel

Together we are more!


Welcome to the flock

It is one of the most successful tactics of migratory birds to do the most in a collective. Whether it's overcoming distances, defending positions, securing the loading and living space, defending one's own security, the job, the future ... Let's meet these challenges collectively. So we all benefit from the swarm!


We attend to our “fellow flockspeople”. From our nest, we inform you as our partner about all the important and relevant details of your route, freight and destination. We permanently update you as our freight partner about roadblocks, jams, obligatory snow chains and much more. If you are in our flock, we proactively care and protect our shared interests.

How do I become a partner?

Agreeing on becoming a Zugvogel transport partner, you become a member of the Zugvogel family. You approve of our philosophy, our credo. And you benefit from the energy and efficiency of a whole flock of birds.

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