Agenda 2030

Sustainable initiatives

Sustainable transportation practices help to minimize environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This is crucial to mitigate climate change and protect our natural resources. This starts with the use of energy-efficient vehicles and optimised route planning to reduce fuel consumption, and additional sustainable practices are also implemented throughout the company wherever possible.

We strive to implement ecologically responsible business practices throughout our work in the transport business.



In the transport industry, it is particularly important to address the issue of sustainability.

One important initiative is our subsidiary ZUGVOGEL RENEWABLE LOGISTICS GMBH. This company specializes in the development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions with a focus on renewable energy markets.

Renewable energies are fundamental for a green future

Sustainable transportation

In order to make our transportation as sustainable as possible, we implement the following measures.

100% Euro 6

truck fleet according to the latest environmental standards


route planning and reduction of empty kilometers via AI tools and efficient transport management

Route optimisation

with sustainable partners (e.g. intermodal solutions)

Route optimisation

with sustainable partners (e.g. intermodal solutions)

Environmentally friendly

Everyday office life

We implement the following measures in our everyday life to protect our environment:

  • Online only company with a 100% digital archive and paperless offices
  • Only renewable energy at our headquarters (oder alles Büros? Innsbruck sollte auch Grünstrom sein, Wiesing auch?) à Offices powered using renewable energy sources
  • Waste separation in our offices and use of returnable bottles à Waste separation for recycling and the use of reusable glass bottles to reduce plastic waste
  • Company cars partly electric or hybrid à Company car fleet of either hybrid or electric vehicles
  • Carpool sharing or public transportation by our employees à Carpooling or public transport alternatives for employee commutes
  • Internal environmental officer to implement sustainable initiatives and projects



Efficient route planning

Expansion of AI-supported systems to reduce fuel consumption and optimise delivery times

HVO/Electrical program

Conversion from fossil fuels to HVO fuel or electric trucks to reduce carbon emissions

Promotion of intermodal transportation

Combination of road, rail and sea transportation solutions as an important factor in CO2 reduction

Training and sensitization

Employee workshops to create and strengthen awareness of sustainable and environmentally friendly working practices.