Organizing and implementing full truck loads over all of Europe are the core competence of Zugvogel Speditions GmbH. In order to meet our needs for security, we trust first-class partners only. More than 20 years of experience in the international forwarding industry have enabled us to build up an efficient network of first-class transport partners.


This experience and a watchful eye on the dynamic processes of the market have helped us gain a key advantage in the transportation and forwarding industry.


Set a course towards a lasting upbeat with us by your side.

General cargo & groupage freight

It migrates 36,000 kilometres, some individuals (equipped with sensors) up to 96,000 km between North and South Pole – every year! With the same endurance, we collect your single packages and orders and deliver them reliably. Based on this motivation, we understand your wishes, your demands and the transport logistics business.

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Express freight

It’s a cosmopolitan and at the same time the fastest bird in the world. It was measured flying up to 400 km/h fast in its rather rare vertical dive.  Of course we respect every speed limit on all the streets of Europe. Nevertheless, your express freight will be delivered in a time-optimised way.

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Scheduled goods

It’s our role model of punctuality. It starts to sing its morning song at exactly the same time every day. And not only during its mating season. That’s why it is synonymous with scheduled goods.

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Project logistics

Birds of passage react to every change they perceive in an astonishingly fast and flexible way, nevertheless they quickly find back in their formation. Only this way they can reach distant destinations.

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Special solutions

These especially tough birds know how to use special purpose tools. Or how to make use of the phases of traffic lights...
If you want to know more about it, ask us!

As we employ only the best colleagues of the industry for your projects, you can be sure there is no “won’t work”.

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