On course for success

Zugvogel Speditions GmbH on the road to success: 426th place among the fastest growing companies in Europe

Zugvogel Speditions GmbH is pleased to announce that, according to Statista and the Financial Times, it is one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe, achieving an impressive 426th place. This success is a testament to the commitment and innovation of our company. With a clear vision and a strong team, we have continuously expanded our business in recent years and established ourselves as a reliable partner for international transportation solutions. Through tailor-made logistics solutions, excellent customer service and sustainable corporate management, we have been able to drive our growth and open up new markets. "We are proud to be one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. This success is the result of hard work, a spirit of innovation and the tireless efforts of our team. We will continue to work on offering the best transport solutions and further strengthening our position as an excellent logistics service provider," says Matthias Fischer, Managing Director of Zugvogel Speditions GmbH. Zugvogel Speditions GmbH will continue to strive to be a reliable partner for companies worldwide and to impress with its continuous development and innovations. Having achieved 426th place among the fastest growing companies in Europe, Zugvogel Speditions GmbH is on a promising course for success and is looking forward to the challenges that the future will bring.