The preamble of our common formation flight into the future!



The Zugvogel Speditions GmbH complies with the inspiration given by its unusual name. The achievements of birds of passage are so powerful, astonishing and in many cases unique that we set the objective of following their example to reach their high level together with our partners.


Driven by determination, strength, reliability, efficiency, discipline and flexibility, our partnership should also be understood as prospering in cooperation, flying in formation and heading for a common goal.


This Zugvogel formation plan presented here describes the obligatory minimum standards compiled by us which our transport partners need to observe and comply with. Acknowledging this preamble is prerequisite for entering into a partnership with ZUGVOGEL Speditions GmbH.

By accepting an order, you as a transport partner confirm that you read and understood the Zugvogel formation plan, that you accept the standards stipulated therein and that you agree to comply with them without exception.


The Items of Our Common Formation Flight
On the following pages, we describe the minimum standards stipulated by us in detail.


Laws, Permissions and Licences
We expect our transport partners to keep informed about and observe prevailing international, national and regional laws. This includes paying all statutory levies as for instance taxes, fees and dues while not causing recovery actions of debts. Furthermore, you pledge to have all the required company permissions and licences.

Compliance, Bribery, Anti-Corruption and Fair Competition
We live our business ethics and require each of our partners to do the same. Any kind of corruption as for instance bribery, extortion and misappropriation is prohibited. By signing the present document, our transport partners confirm that they neither give nor receive gifts, rewards, benefits of any kind or grants/advantages or other illegal incentives within the scope of our business relationship.
Transport partners conduct their business in accordance with an ethical, fair and open competition.  They abstain from any kind of restrictive practices like for instance price agreements or market sharing. They observe prevailing compliance rules.

Rights, Laws, Labour Law
Any kind of forced labour and child labour as well as illegal employment is prohibited. Our transport partners guarantee to observe this and to comply with the legal minimum age of employment of the respective country.
Our transport partners guarantee to observe the statutory maximum working time, break time, rest time and holiday time and to remunerate their employees according to the collective agreements and minimum wage laws present in all the countries affected by the transports, particularly in accordance with MiLoG in Germany and LSD-BG in Austria, and to pay overtime hours and employees’ benefits as required by law.


The transport partner will indemnify and hold harmless Zugvogel Speditions GmbH in case of any third-party claims arising from their, or their commissioned subcontractor’s, failure to comply with obligations set out in a minimum wage law.


This obligation to indemnification applies both to civil liability and to fines imposed on Zugvogel as a consequence of violations on the carrier’s or their commissioned subcontractor’s part and to expenses arising in this matter. This obligation to indemnification especially, but not exclusively, applies to claims made by social insurance agencies and revenue services.


For early or late deliveries out of the time and date stated in the delivery order, we agree on a contractual penalty of € 250.-, even without a concrete proof of damage.


Any form of harassment, unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace based on gender, age, colour, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, disability or other reasons is prohibited and a violation against this provision may result in an immediate termination of this agreement.

Human Resources, Health and Safety
Our transport partners guarantee to observe all the prevailing regulations concerning occupational health and safety and to take appropriate measures to safeguard their employees’ health and safety and to avoid accidents of any kind.

This includes, but is not limited to, raising the awareness of all the employees by organising regular trainings concerning prevention of accidents as well as health and safety issues, identifying any kind of potential safety hazard and compiling a complete documentation of accidents and near-accidents.


Addictive Drugs, Alcohol and Drug Consumption
Our transport partners are to make sure that their employees do not abuse alcohol or drugs.
To ensure that, random tests are to be carried out and, in case of evidence for alcohol or drug abuse, appropriate steps have to be taken to prevent future abuse.


Green Line, Environmental Protection
Our transport partners agree to comply with all prevailing laws and environmental legislation, to save the environment and to use resources responsibly and sustainably.

This includes, but is not limited to, using vehicles with emission standard Euro 6 or higher, checking fuel consumption, using renewable fuels, using fuel-efficient tyres, driving defensively, maintaining vehicles in an environmentally friendly way and reducing the environmental impact.


Quality before Quantity; and Continuous Improvement
Our transport partners strive for high quality and continuous improvement. Ideally, they have a functioning quality management system or at least a quality policy every employee actively applies.


Risk Management, Risk Avoidance
Our transport partners aim at identifying potential risks in their business environment and developing counter-measures to avoid or reduce them.


This Includes amongst Others

  • using required safety equipment,
  • properly securing cargo according to the demands of our clients and statutory provisions,
  • complying with speed limits
  • driving responsibly, and
  • taking out insurances for transferring risks

Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Property
Our transport partners take appropriate measures to protect confidential, internal information of both ZUGVOGEL Speditions GmbH and our business partners in order to maintain their confidentiality and they use his information only for the purpose agreed upon in the framework of our cooperation.


Fairness and Transparent Business Practices
Our transport partners commit to applying transparent business practices. They keep transparent and up-to-date accounts and provide Zugvogel Speditions GmbH with information about their financial situation whenever requested.


In addition, Zugvogel Speditions GmbH reserves the right to conduct audits and checks of our transport partners without prior notice to get an overview of their quality standards and business practices. Our transport partners expressly consent to these audits so that Zugvogel Speditions GmbH can make sure that our required minimum standards are observed and fully complied with.
Any differences between the contracting parties should, whenever possible, be settled out of court.
The contracting parties expressly agree that this contract shall be governed by Austrian substantive law and they agree upon the international jurisdiction of Austrian courts. They furthermore expressly agree that the court at the registered address of Zugvogel Speditions GmbH has jurisdiction.

Declaration of Consent

We confirm that

  • we received and acknowledge the Zugvogel formation plan for transport partners
  •  we observe and fulfil the minimum standards set out in it and
  •  we inform all our employees about the contents of the Zugvogel formation plan and guarantee that they comply with the provisions set out in it.
  •  the contract is signed by an authorised signatory and that he or she is given the required authority for signing.