Code of Conduct

[Please note that this is an automatic translation. In case of doubt, please consult the German version or contact our team].

This Code of Conduct describes the minimum standards that we have drawn up and which our transport partners must observe and comply with. Acceptance of this preamble is a basic prerequisite for cooperation with ZUGVOGEL Speditions GmbH.

By accepting an order, you as a transport partner confirm that you have read and understood the Code of Conduct, that you accept the standards set out therein and that you agree to comply with them without exception. Furthermore, you undertake to inform all your employees about the content of the Zugvogel Code of Conduct and to ensure that they also comply with the provisions contained therein.

We expect our transport partners to be up to date on applicable international, national and regional laws and to comply with them.
This also means paying all statutory charges such as taxes, fees and surcharges and not causing any legal proceedings for outstanding debts. They also undertake to have all the necessary operating permits and licenses.

We live our corporate ethics and require this of each of our partners. All forms of corruption, such as bribery, extortion and embezzlement, are prohibited. Our transport partners sign that they will not pay or accept any gifts, rewards, benefits of any kind or other gratuities or advantages or other illegal incentives within the scope of their and therefore also our business relationships.
The transport partners conduct their business in accordance with ethical, fair and open competition. They refrain from any kind of restrictive practices such as price fixing or market sharing. They observe the applicable compliance rules.

All forms of forced and child labor as well as illegal employment are prohibited. Our transport partners ensure that this is observed and that the legal minimum age for employment in the respective country is complied with.
Our transport partners undertake to observe the legally prescribed maximum working, break, rest and vacation times and to pay their employees in accordance with the nationally applicable collective bargaining and minimum wage laws of all countries affected by the transports, in particular in accordance with the German MiloG and öLSD-BG, as well as overtime and legally prescribed social benefits.

The transport partner shall indemnify and hold Zugvogel Speditions GmbH harmless against all claims of third parties based on a breach of its obligations under a minimum wage law or on the breach of the obligations of subcontractors commissioned by it under a minimum wage law.

This obligation to indemnify shall apply both to liability under civil law and to fines imposed on Zugvogel due to violations by the carrier or subcontractors engaged by the carrier, as well as to costs incurred in connection therewith. The obligation to indemnify shall also expressly apply to claims by social insurance institutions and tax authorities.

A penalty of € 250 is agreed for early or late delivery outside the date and time frame specified in the transport order, even without proof of specific damage.

Any kind of harassment, unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace based on gender, age, skin color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or other reasons is prohibited and may lead to the termination of this agreement without notice.

Our transport partners ensure that they comply with all applicable employee protection regulations and that they take appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of their employees and prevent accidents of all kinds.

This includes, among other things, raising the awareness of all employees through regular training on accident prevention and health and safety issues, analyzing any potential sources of danger, as well as the complete documentation of actual and near misses.

Our transport partners ensure that there is no alcohol or drug abuse among their employees.
To ensure this, random checks are carried out and, in the event of alcohol or drug abuse, appropriate measures are taken to prevent this in the future.

Our transport partners undertake to comply with all applicable laws and environmental protection regulations, to protect the environment and to use resources sustainably and responsibly.

This includes, among other things, the use of vehicles of emission class EURO6 or higher, the control of fuel consumption, the use of renewable fuels, the use of fuel-efficient tires, a defensive driving style, environmentally friendly vehicle maintenance and the reduction of environmental pollution of any kind.

Our transport partners focus on quality and continuous improvement. Ideally, they have a functioning quality management system or at least a quality policy that is actively practiced by all employees.

Our transport partners set themselves the goal of identifying potential risks in their own business environment and developing appropriate strategies to avoid or reduce them.

This includes, among other things

  • Using the prescribed safety equipment,
  • conscientious load securing in accordance with the requirements of our clients and the legislator,
  • compliance with speed limits and
  • speed limits and a responsible driving style, as well as
  • conclusion of appropriate insurance contracts to pass on the risk.

Our transport partners take appropriate measures to protect confidential, internal information of ZUGVOGEL Speditions GmbH, as well as that of our business partners, and to maintain its confidentiality and only use it for purposes that have been agreed in advance as part of our cooperation.

Our transport partners undertake to apply transparent business practices. They keep transparent and up-to-date accounts and provide information about their financial situation on request from Zugvogel Speditions GmbH.

Zugvogel Speditions GmbH also reserves the right to carry out audits and checks on our transport partners at any time without prior notice in order to gain an impression of their quality standards and business practices. Our transport partners expressly agree to these audits, also so that Zugvogel Speditions GmbH. can ensure that the minimum standards specified by us are observed and adhered to without exception.
Should differences arise between the contracting parties, they undertake to settle them out of court if possible.
The validity of Austrian substantive law and the international jurisdiction of Austria as well as the jurisdiction of the competent court for the registered office of Zugvogel Speditions GmbH. is expressly agreed.